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New high schools a huge asset for the north-east

Progress well underway at the new SBHS/AGHS shared campus

Traveling down Travis Road, almost daily one can witness progress with construction of this joint campus venture. There are exciting times ahead for both prospective pupils and the greater north eastern suburbs.


These two state-of the art secondary schools will provide modern high quality learning environments while also benefiting from shared outdoor sports facilities. With construction progressing with haste, next year’s opening date appears well on track.


While the new zone is attracting vigorous discussion, it is not difficult to appreciate why those excluded feel aggrieved and some abandoned. It appears that the Ministry of Education continues to make it a priority to utilise the existing schooling network for some locations, as it has done so in the past.


Here's what has been reported at newcampus.nz:

The Ministry of Education has approved a new enrolment zone for Avonside Girls' and Shirley Boys High Schools ahead of their move to QEII Park.

The relocation of the schools meant their zones had to be reviewed. 


This process included wide-ranging consultation, including public meetings, an online survey, four community meetings (for parents and caregivers) and discussions with contributing primary and intermediate schools.


The schools’ final recommendation to the Ministry of Education was that the new zone included area around the QEII campus, the areas of Brighton and Marshland and that provision was made so that children living in our current zones would be able to attend the new campus.


The Ministry’s response was that this presented a significant risk of sustained overcrowding which, it said, would impact on the delivery of quality education for all students.


It has now approved an amended scheme that will provide for current students, students in the area surrounding the new school and makes provision for those who live in the existing zones.


Our schools are delighted that the Ministry has made an allowance for students in our existing zones to attend the new schools – the consultation showed those communities were adamant they wanted to be able to attend the schools after they move.


We are disappointed that the Marshland area is not included in the new zone.


The schools will be reviewing the zones again in May 2019 which is the first opportunity they can do so under the Education Act. We hope to have some student data at that stage to help address the Ministry’s concerns around overcrowding.


The new zone will take effect from 1 January 2019.